Hey you! Yes, you! On the other side of the screen. I'm Berta. From Barcelona (yeah i know, boring).
I love Dylan O'brien, One direction, Super heroes, Teen wolf (sterek, so if u don't like that yeah), Youtubers (Caspar, Alfie, Marcus, the twins...), Supernatural, John Green, The Hunger Games, sherlock and Doctor Who. Hope you like my blog and don't be afraid to ask me everything you want.

Oops, I almost forgot it: I love you. Just for being here and scrolling through my blog. Seriously.


you walk over to the chamber of secrets and whisper “i have a crush on my cousin”. the basilisk comes over to you and says “you totally misinterpreted the use of this chamber and also you’re pretty fuckin gross”

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Hello! I’m trying to prove something to my mother. She says that Ed Sheeran was made famous because of Taylor Swift. 

Reblog or Like this if you knew about Ed Sheeran before Taylor Swift wrote a song with him.

Thank you very much if you help me out!

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the drama lover in me kind of wants Stiles not to tell ANYONE about what he’s found out and kind of keep it to himself and get defensive about it because of the Scott/Isaac bromance making him feel a little alienated and there’s this huge moral struggle where he figures out…